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IKHLAS Motorist P.A.

This Product will compensate Participant for Bodily Injury or Death caused by Accidental means whilst driving or as a passenger in a private car declared in the Proposal Form during enrollment of the Motorist P.A Takaful. 

IKHLAS Houseowner/Householder Takaful

This product provides you with coverage for residential building and contents and covers loss or damage by fire, lightning, explosions, flood, and burst pipe or by any Perils mentioned in the Takaful Certificate. 

IKHLAS Travel P.A.

Our IKHLAS Travel P.A protects your financial investment (up to the amount of your certificate limits) should your trip be cancelled or interrupted for a covered reason. It provides comprehensive coverage, such as Death and Permanent Disablement cover due to accident, and also a number of reasons associated with a cancelled or interrupted trip, including:

  • Trip Cancellations

  • Dispatch of Medication

  • Curtailment

  • Medical Expenses

  • Luggage or Personal Effect

  • Medical Evacuation

  • Loss of Travel Documents

  • Follow-up Treatment

  • Luggage and Travel Delay

  • Missed Departure

  • Additional Cost of Rental Car Return

  • Missed of Travel Connection

  • Hospital Income

  • Funeral Expenses

  • Compassionate Care

  • Child Care Benefit

  • Travel Overbooked

  • Personal Liability

  • Hijacking

  • Personal Money

  • Home Care Benefit

  • Refund due to liquidation of Agency

IKHLAS P.A. Permata Takaful

Sometimes it takes a painful situation to make us change our ways especially when disaster strike!

Worry no more as we have a special Personal Comprehensive Coverage for you and your loves one. From as low as RM 0.47 cent per day and coverage benefit up to RM 600,000! Surely it can help you face your financial distress when you need it most. 

IKHLAS Fire Takaful

This product provides coverage for the Takaful Participant’s property against loss or damage by fire or lightning. 

IKHLAS Foreign Worker Compensation Scheme Takaful

A yearly renewable Hospital and Surgical Takaful Scheme introduced by the Malaysian government as an initiative to reduce the financial burden of the employer of foreign workers in the event of hospital admission of their foreign workers to a Non-Corporatised Malaysian Government Hospital due to an accident or illness.

Eligible persons for coverage under this Takaful certificate are those present and future full-time foreign worker employees of Takaful Participant, from the age of eighteen (18) to fifty-nine (59), who are actively engaged at their usual work on the date the persons are eligible to join this Takaful certificate. 

IKHLAS Engineering Takaful

This product provides cover against misfortune such as mechanical breakdown, deterioration of stock, contract job to contractors and other engineering related risks.

The product covers the following perils:

• Fire, lightning, explosion, impact by land borne/water borne vehicles
• Impact of aircraft, aerial devices
• Earthquake, volcanism, tsunami
• Storm
• Flood, inundation, wave action, water
• Subsidence, landslide, rockslide
• Frost, avalanche, ice
• Vandalism

IKHLAS Personal Accident Takaful

This product will compensate you for Bodily Injury caused by Accidental means which injury shall solely and independently of any other cause result in your disablement or necessitate medical and/or surgical treatment or in the event of death, to your nominated beneficiary or legal personal representative. 

In addition of IKHLAS Personal Accident Takaful, you may also purchase other P.A products below:

  •  IKHLAS Kembara P.A. Takaful;

  • IKHLAS Perdana P.A. Takaful; and

  • IKHLAS Motorist P.A. Takaful

Motorist PA
Travel PA
PA Permata
Foreign Worker
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